WeatherHawk SM-18 SkyMate Manual

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WeatherHawk SM-18 SkyMate Manual


The WeatherHawk SM-18 SkyMate and 27020 Measuring Instruments Manual is designed to help users understand their instrument’s features and functions. It includes detailed instructions on setup and operation, as well as troubleshooting tips and detailed diagrams. The manual also provides product specifications, calibration and repair information, and a section on the product warranty. The WeatherHawk SM-18 SkyMate and 27020 Measuring Instruments are state-of-the-art measuring devices used to monitor and measure weather conditions. They come with a range of features and settings, such as the ability to measure wind speed and direction, temperature and humidity, rainfall, and atmospheric pressure. The included software also allows users to create custom alarms, view historical data, and set up data logging for long-term monitoring. With this manual, users can get the most out of their WeatherHawk SM-18 SkyMate and 27020 Measuring Instruments.

Also for: 27020

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Created: December 28, 2022

Last updated: March 17, 2023

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