Samsung RRH-2WB Installation Manual

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Samsung RRH-2WB Installation Manual

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The Installation Manual of the Samsung RRH-2WB and Antenna provides the necessary information for the installation and maintenance of the device. This manual includes safety measures, warnings, and cautions, as well as a detailed table of contents. The Samsung RRH-2WB is a two-way radio handset and antenna system. It has a frequency range of 380-520 MHz, an adjustable gain of up to -60dB, and a range of up to two miles. The antenna is a vertical dipole with a 15 dB gain and a maximum power of 10 watts. The installation manual provides detailed steps for the installation of the Samsung RRH-2WB and Antenna. It provides information on the necessary tools, safety precautions, and setting up the device. Additionally, the manual covers topics such as mounting the antenna, connecting the coaxial cables, and connecting the power cable. The Samsung RRH-2WB and Antenna is a great choice for those who need a reliable radio system for residential or commercial use. With the help of the installation manual, the device can be easily set up and used.

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Created: December 28, 2022

Last updated: April 05, 2023

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