Samsung DDR3 User Manual

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Samsung DDR3 User Manual

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Also for: K4B1G0446D, K4B1G0846D, K4B1G1646D, K4B1G0446E, K4B1G0846E, K4B1G1646E, K4B1G0446F, K4B1G0846F, K4B2G0446B, K4B2G0846B, K4B2G1646B, K4B2G0446C, K4B2G0846C, K4B2G0446D, K4B2G0846D, K4B2G0446E, K4B2G0846E, K4B4G0446B, M378B2873DZ1, M378B2873EH1, M391B2873DZ1, M391B2873EH1, M391B2873FH0, M378B5673DZ1, M378B5673EH1, M378B5673FH0, M391B5673DZ1, M391B5673EH1, M391B5673FH0, M391B5773CH0, M378B5273BH1, M378B5273CH0, M391B5273BH1, M391B5273CH0, M471B2874DZ1, M471B2873EH1, M471B2874EH1, M471B5673DZ1, M471B5673EH1, M471B5673FH0, M471B5273BH1, M471B5273CH0, M393B2873DZ1, M393B2873EH1, M393B2873FH0, M393B5673DZ1, M393B5673EH1, M393B5673FH0, M393B5670DZ1, M393B5670EH1, M393B5670FH0, M393B5173DZ1, M393B5173EH1, M393B5173FH0, M393B5170DZ1, M393B5170EH1, M393B5170FH0, M393B5273BH1, M393B5273CH0, M393B5270BH1, M393B5270CH0, M393B1G70DJ1, M393B1G70EM1, M393B1K73BH1, M393B1K73CH0, M393B1K70BH1, M393B1K70CH0, M393B2K70BM1, M393B2K70CM0, M393B5773CH0, M393B1G70FM0, M392B2873DZ1, M392B2873EH1, M392B2873FH0, M392B5673DZ1, M392B5673EH1, M392B5673FH0, M392B5670DZ1, M392B5670EH1, M392B5670FH0, M392B5773CH0, M392B5170DJ1, M392B5170EM1, M392B5170FM0, M392B5173FM0, M392B5273BH1, M392B5273CH0, M392B5270BH1, M392B5270CH0, M392B1K73BM1, M392B1K73CM0, M392B1K70BM1, M392B1K70CM0

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Created: April 01, 2023

Last updated: May 07, 2023

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